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Read testimonials from parents about The Covid NineTEEN Project!

"We are thrilled with the at-home instruction we are getting from a wonderful group of teenagers, dubbed 'The Covid NineTEEN Project'. This remarkable group of leaders have taken a troubling time in history and are turning it into a chance to better the world by teaching their talents to school age children. These passionate young women and men are teaching art, music, dance, fitness, and a plethora of other activities all from the comfort of their home to yours. My three girls (10, 5, and 5 years old) look forward to the daily classes, quickly warming up to their instructors and eager to see them again as soon as a session is over. These role models are reminding my children that even in darkest of times, there will always be a light in the world. As a parent it fills me with so much hope for the future in seeing these phenomenal group of young people show so much empathy, kindness, and respect to their growing counterparts. Thank you a million times over for this tremendous service!"

-- Frank and Erin S.

"Thank you so much for all the terrific activities you offer and for giving my daughter something to look forward to each week! She loves the variety and is really drawn to the teachers. They serve as such great role models for her. She wouldn’t fall asleep last night because she was too busy creating haikus and limericks, which were covered in her favorite Poetry class!! Keep up the great work. We are grateful!"

-- Rosanne G.

"I'd like to thank you and let you and the team know how much we love what you are doing. I have two kids (ages 9 and 11) and they have been joining for tutoring and this week, creative and fun classes. They love it. The teens leading the classes are professional, friendly and warm. I told about 20 friends about the Covid NineTEEN Project and will continue to spread the word. This is such an wonderful idea and you all should be very proud. From your website to your social media to the very organized communication. Bravo! Thank you for it all and my kids look forward to joining for many more weeks and months ahead. Be well."

-- Alissa D.

"My 8 year old daughter just took the journalism class. She did not know what journalism was about today. She has now told me she wants to be a journalist when she grows up and is currently writing her 3rd story. Sarah the instructor was absolutely amazing. She was knowledgeable and had so much energy with the kids, not to mention was so inspiring. What an amazing program for kids of all ages."

-- Alison S.

"The teachers were so sweet. One child was having trouble with the project and the teachers stayed afterwards until she got it. I'm so glad my son as able to witness their kindness. All of the teachers that my son has had have been great. What an awesome group of teens! My son has loved every single class that he has participated in! Thank you so much for offering this program! You are all awesome"

-- Mickey M.

"I found this program on Facebook and signed my kids up for classes right away. I was impressed by how many options there were to choose from. The program is so well run, and not only are they learning, but they are also having fun and getting exposure to some great role models in every session. Thank you!"

-- Sarina B.

"My 9 year old has been taking advantage of these classes. I have to say, they are conducted in a very professional manner, the communication is detailed and timely, and covers all aspects of what one can expect from the classes as well who is going to be taking the class. My son tried new things that we never would have tried in a regular setting, and we are definitely benefitting from them. I have recommended them to many friends and they have signed up as well. There is immense planning and a lot of time that goes behind this and I sincerely hope that this would somewhere and somehow help these young men and women on their resumes, on whatever path they choose to walk on. Kudos also to the parents/guardians of these kids for wonderful parenting. These kids have set up a wonderful example for others. Best wishes."

-- Shamaila Q.

"The Covid NineTEEN Project has been the BEST discovery! My daughter, who is 9 years old absolutely LOVES taking classes from these amazing high school students. They offer such a variety of classes it is almost hard to decide which ones to take. My daughter loves the classes so much that she is literally busy from 9am to 5pm with classes that she picked out and can't wait to attend. For her to be engaged and learning all day feels wonderful as a parent. She loves all the instructors, they are all very intelligent. It's a connection to other kids and a type of social life for her this summer when we are trying to stay home, and for that alone it's wonderful but she gets so much more out of them than just that. I couldn't be more thankful for these caring teenagers who are helping to make life as normal as possible for other kids. Thank you, you are all amazing, wonderful people making a difference in this world and adapting to change."

-- Kari S.

"The Covid NineTEEN Project is great. The past few months have been a difficult time for everyone, and one of the few bright spots for my kids have been their Covid NineTEEN classes. They're learning new skills, interacting with people who aren't us, and staying busy and engaged during this trying time. Plus, it give parents a quick break so we can actually get a thing or two done while the kids are busy on their Zooms. The summer program has been particularly great - there are so many classes to pick from, and it gives them something concrete and fun to break up the monotony of their days. Every week, my kids look forward to getting their class schedule for the week. The Zooms have encouraged bonding time as well - my son and I do the piano class together, and he looks forward to it all week. I'm very grateful for the teens at the Covid NineTEEN Project who dedicate their time (and bucketloads of patience) to keep our kids busy, happy, and engaged during this challenging time."

-- Lauren W.

"The Covid NineTEEN Project has been a godsend to our family. With no in-class teaching, play dates, or other forms of socialization, you are providing an invaluable resource to the community. Your classes are both educational and fun. What's even more impressive is that the instructors are mostly high school students--what a way to instill a sense of work ethic, responsibility, and giving back. My daughter has been a daily participant and we are extremely appreciative of your existence."

-- Peter L.

"My kids have been participating in several activities provided by The Covid NineTEEN Project since they first started. I can't express my gratitude enough for these amazing teens and the time and dedication they give to my children. Both of my kids love the activities and look forward to them each day. My daughter told me the other day that the teens are really mature, smart, and kind and a great role model for her so she enjoys taking classes with them. We are so thankful for all of you amazing teen who are making a world of a difference in our kids lives."

-- Ani V.

"My kids are having a blast with these activities! I can't believe how many choices there are and how interactive the classes are. This is such an amazing group of people and thank you so much for making my kids summer so much better!"

-- Anna A.

"My daughter took the Coolery Jewelry class today and absolutely loved it. The instructors were so sweet and even went into a breakout room with my daughter because she was having a little bit of trouble. Lelah [a volunteer] was amazing, she was patient and encouraging. By the end my daughter made a bracelet and was so proud of herself. What a fabulous experience."

-- Alison S.

"This group of teens have been so amazing with my son who is an only child with two working parents!! Thank you for being creative with ideas and patient with all of the children! You’ve touched our family! "

-- Eve W.

"Thank you so much for Step by Step Drawing activity. My son used to not like to draw, but he is really into drawing through your class. I am so happy that my son has an interesting drawing class during this summer vacation. Thank you, Danielle A, Veronica F, Daniella H, and Megan A!!"

-- Rachel H.

"We are so grateful that a friend of ours told us about Covid NineTEEN Project. What an awesome program! Our three children absolutely love the teachers and look forward to their favorite activities each day. We want to thank all the amazing teachers and the founders!! So inspiring!"

-- Haruka H.

"Kaiya absolutely enjoyed the Step by Step Drawing activity today. The presentation was very kid friendly and she was so proud of her unicorn drawing. She asked me to register her for all future drawing activities. Thank you for offering these classes!"

-- Marc S.

"My 9 year old daughter started the program this week. She has done multiple activities and look forward to them each day. The teen mentors are very patient and engaging and the activities are fun. Thank you!"

-- Michelle A.L.

"We live in north Texas. Many children don't have opportunities to learn much here. One of the lady who lives in California mentioned this program and we were able to join it this week. I wish I know this program before because it is amazing! I originally signed up the coding camp this week and my child Lily gets so excited to learn coding from your coding camp. She also loves to learn from 30 minutes lessons like origami, drawing, geography, journalism, and etc and interacts with other children. We really appreciate everyone's effort. "

-- Sarah S.

"Today's Covid-19 Pandemic amongst other important worldly issues, we all know it's been tough uncertain times. Which has affected many people different ways. Ours has been adapting with kids homeschooled, going from full time to part time. So this has truly been a blessing. My family first would like to thank Pat Harvey from CBS News delivering this information to our family. We really thought it was a gimmick but Pat's eyes spoke truth. This is an amazing program for kids and parents. Every class our daughter took was fantastic the mentors were just as excited as the kids. WAIT BUT THIS LOVE, KINDNESS, EDUCATION, THOUGHTFULNESS, COMPASSION came FREE, absolutely FREE!

The communication between the students and tutors/mentors were as if they had been in knowing each other longer than The CovidNineTEEN Project, also I felt very safe. These teenagers are amazing and I wish everyone one of them much success for taking out their time and effort for the children. These are the type of people we need to lead our world, effortlessly. Thank you so kindly."

-- Sophia F.

"My daughter participated in the Lil' Fashionistas session and loved it. The half hour flew by. The girls running it were very patient and kind. It was like she had three older sisters. Which is incredibly lovely since she's an only child who desperately misses her friends and has been confined to our home for months. She can't wait for next week. There are so many sessions to choose from. We are going to try others next week. Thanks so much. Stay safe everyone."

-- Kelly M.

"What a fabulous camp program! The instructors are really into their subjects, and my son is really excited to try so many new things each day. We are so glad to have found the Covid NineTEEN Project! The social interaction alone is very positive in this new remote climate. I tell everyone with kids this is a must!"

-- Krystal O.

"My friend just told me about your project and how her little girl, my goddaughter, LOVES the rapport and activities that you offer. She said that you have a highly gifted, compassionate and extraordinary group of youth in your program. Thank you so much for the valuable and timely service you are providing to the children. I appreciate what you are doing."

-- Laura R.

"My girls love, love, love The Covid NineTEEN Project!! Such an awesome program! Thank you all for being such wonderful mentors to these children during the time of need in this crisis. It has really given my girls confidence working with all you great teens while having fun in tutoring and in the wide variety of activities you offer. We are so thankful you created this project. It's been the best thing yet!!"

-- Christina L.

"Your passion for helping during this trying time is a blessing. Summer classes were not possible but because of you guys at The Covid NineTEEN the kids are able to have a fun summer full of learning! You bridged the learning gap and for that... me as a parent is very thankful! More power to everybody!"

--Rea G.

"Thank you for transforming the lives of our children and countless other children across the USA and around the globe in such a short span of time. It's remarkable how this project was quickly launched and successfully operated. Your commitment to leveling the field and engaging children in a variety of subjects every day is truly appreciated. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Skye Loventhal and Sarah Shapiro for an INCREDIBLE Covid NineTEEN Project and a special thank-you to all of your leaders and tutors. You are all heroes and we hope that this project continues long after the pandemic ends."